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A Talented Musician, John Burch, aka JB

When I was a little boy my father said to me stand up in the chair play the bass fiddle C, A, F & G. He picked up his guitar and played a song with me, my brothers clapped their hands. He said one day son, you will be old enough and the leader of the South Shore Band!

I remember at the age of sixteen, when I was performing with my brothers, Earlston, Herman, and David (Popa D) at the Warwick Workmen’s Club on Cobb’s Hill. Then at eighteen, I was invited to play with a band in Somerset, namely, “The Formations”. They needed a guitarist, and I was not all that good at the time, but thankfully, it worked out great.  The leader of the Formations band was Maxie Maybury, who played the saxophone, Sheldon Thompson on bass and Reggie Woods was on drums.”  This led to playing with other popular groups, such as The Watford Bridge, The Invaders, New Life New Sound, and ultimately, The Bermuda Strollers whom I played with for thirty-three years alongside Ted Ming and the boys; Boston was visited by the group for twenty-five years playing for the Jerry Lewis telethon, every year.

The Strollers performances were not limited to the Beantown audience. We travelled to the US West Coast, New York City (Upstate New York), Philadelphia, and New Jersey; these were some of the places and many more.  I have performed in every hotel and resort in Bermuda, making about $150 per night, these included The Southampton Princess, Horizons Guest House, Elbow Beach, Reefs, Rosedon Guest House, Grotto Bay, Holiday Inn, Castle Harbor, St. George’s Hotel, and Cambridge Beaches, Pompano Beach Club, Lantana and many pubs and restaurants. “After the Strollers stopped performing, I had to continue my music, and then created South Shore Studio, and created three CDs, Bermuda Island Rock, Just Relax, and I Got to Play My Music and then I created Slam it and got together with Clevie Outta Sight Simmons and June Caisey and changed the band name to Bermuda Legends.

Our performance repertoire includes cocktail music, dance music, show music, reggae, and jazz. We are trying to bring back the sounds of Bermuda to the hotels and venues.

Now, we are “The Bermuda Legends”, we have played for the seniors at victor Scott School, the Packwood Rest home, and the Serenity Gardens and KEMH for the patients and staff in late January 2021. We plan to do so much more, so I would like to say, listen out for

The Bermuda Legends.


James Reginald


Etoile Elizabeth Burch


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South Shore Bermuda and Bermuda Reggae Vibrations were written by John Burch.


Bermuda Reggae Vibrations was the first reggae song recorded in Bermuda, at the ZBM Studio and was engineered by Ian Marshall.

The Bermuda Strollers live on the Booze Cruise, 1976.

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Bermuda Strollers group picture from left to right ...

Glad Ming, Herman Ranam Burch, Ted Ming, James Martinez, and John Burch; was taken in, 2010.

Action on stage at The Hamilton Princess was always fun and happy times.

Bermuda Strollers.jpg
Strollers 1976.png

Bermuda Strollers, at the Elbow Beach Hotel, looking over the pool.

Here are CDs written and recorded by John Burch

Bda Island Rock.jpeg.png

Every day after 5 o'clock, this is how we make the Island rock!

All instrumental

"Smooth" jazz guitar

Just Relax.jpeg.png

When I was a little boy, I was inspired by my father, Reginald Burch, when he said, stand up in the chair and play the bass fiddle;

C,A, F, & G

Girl, you blow my mind, the way you roll up your waist and whine.

Slam It Album cover.main.jpeg


At Shine's House of Music

Dennis and JB.jpeg

John & Dennis Moniz

At the Leopard's Club

JB and Keith.jpg

At the America's Cup 2017

Dwayne n JB.jpg

John & Keith Caisey




Electric Soul.jpeg
New Life New Sound.jpeg
Bda Legend.cropped.png

June Caisey, Clevie Outta Sight Simmons and John Burch


June Caisey, Cleveland Outta Sight Simmons,

David Burch (Popa D), Brandon Rogers,

Wensy Woolridge and John Burch

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Bermuda Island Rock

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Just Relax

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I Got To Play My Music

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Slam It

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